Star Heroine’s Repeated Affair Rumors

She is a popular Bollywood actress, but unfortunately, her recent films have failed to perform at the box office. Despite this, she constantly brings up the topic of an alleged affair, which generates headlines and keeps her in the public eye. There seems to be a motive behind this behavior.

Although her captivating looks, fashion sense, and social media presence are well-received by her fans, the films she has been associated with recently have not been successful. With only one major film left in her hand to revive her career and avoid fading into obscurity, she wants to create a buzz around her upcoming projects. Therefore, her PR machinery is working to generate sensational news.

Even though the hero she is linked with and the makers of her next big film has no interest in this rumor, she continues to deny it repeatedly. Despite having already provided sufficient clarifications, she continues to talk about it, hoping to remain in the spotlight in the entertainment industry. That’s how one can sustain their popularity in showbiz.