Shriya Reveals The Secret Behind Her Daughter’s Name

Shriya Reveals The Secret Behind Her Daughters Name

Sensuous sizzler Shriya stunned all by revealing that she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last year. Shriya revealed that she named her daughter Radha. Now speaking to scribes, Shriya revealed why she named her daughter Radha.

She said “the moment I told my mom that it’s a girl, she said ‘oh, Radha Rani is coming. So Andrei said, ‘oh your mom is really happy, and I said ‘of course she is happy. Shriya continued “Then he asked why is my mom calling her by a Russian name. I was like, ‘what do you mean, and he said ‘Radha means happy in Russian’. That was it, we just knew that her name will be Radha,”

Shriya said her daughter’s name is Radha Saran Koscheev and added “Andrei said that you have carried her and have gone through so much, so her name is going to be Radha Saran Koscheev. I got so emotional” She said “Radha means happy in Russian, and also means happy in Sanskrit. That’s why we kept it Radha, both the grandparents are happy to call her that,”

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