Shocking Remuneration For Rishab Shetty

The sequel to the hit movie “Kantara” is officially in the works, as announced by Hombale Films and Rishab Shetty on the occasion of Ugadi. Titled “Kantara 2,” the movie will serve as a prequel to the first film, rather than a sequel.

As news of the project spreads, rumors about Rishab Shetty’s remuneration are also circulating. For the original “Kantara” movie, Rishab received a payment of around ₹5 crores for his various roles as writer, director, and actor. However, given the tremendous success of the movie, his salary for the upcoming installment is expected to skyrocket.

Sources suggest that Rishab will receive an upfront payment of a whopping Rs 50 crores, in addition to a percentage of the film’s sales. This is a huge increase from his previous paycheck and would make him a ₹100 crore remuneration earner for his work as a writer, director, and actor.