Shock-wife exposes star’s bedroom secrets

Shahid Kapoor is on a high scoring hits like Padmaavat, Kabir Singh and is now starring in Jersey remake. It is known that Bollywood stars are known for their frank and bold talk.

He along with his wife Mira participated in her reality talk show, BBF. Neha asked them various questions and then stunned all asking their favorite sex position.

Shahid Kapoor who is known for his bold roles on screen was completely stumped and dumbstruck. However, Mira Rajput stunned all by feely talking about her husband’s various sex positions in the bedroom. Mira said “I think he is a control freak. He is always telling me what to do.”

Shahid said Mira always gives him lectures on cleanliness, hygiene, and personal care. Mira said Shahid is a control freak in bed embarrassing him completely. Shahid and Mira discussed their private life earlier in another popular show hosted by Karan Johar.

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