Shivrajkumar Apologies To Siddharth

During a press conference in Bengaluru on September 28 to promote his latest film ‘Chithha,’ actor Siddharth left abruptly when members of a pro-Kannada group entered and disrupted the event. Subsequently, Shiva Rajkumar expressed his apologies to Siddharth for the disturbance.

In a widely shared video on social media, Shivarajkumar conveyed, “On behalf of our industry, I want to extend our sincere apologies to Siddharth. I am hurt by the incident, and I assure you it will not happen again. Kannada people are known for their warmth and love for all films and languages. The audience in Karnataka enjoys films from all regions.”

Shivarajkumar’s response garnered praise from his fans, with many commending his handling of the situation. One individual commented, “This is how you address such issues. #Shivanna, as a leader, has made his stance clear. He wishes for the well-being of farmers in both states.” Shivarajkumar also discussed the ongoing Cauvery river issue, emphasizing the need for both states to collaborate in finding a viable solution for their people. The longstanding water-sharing dispute has resurfaced due to inadequate rainfall and water scarcity in Karnataka.