Shah Rukh Khan’s Son Aryan Khan Gets Bail In Drugs Case

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan finally got bail in the Mumbai cruise drugs case. The Bombay High Court which heard his bail application for three days decided to give him bail. However, Aryan Khan will spend another day in Arthur road jail in Mumbai as Bombay High Court said that a detailed order will be passed only tomorrow.

During the court hearing, NCB represented by ASG Anil Singh said there is a “chance of tampering with evidence”, Making his point he said “My submission is three-fold. Aryan Khan was found in conscious possession. Two, he was connected with drug peddlers. And three, the arrest is valid.”

Aryan Khan represented by Mukul Rohatgi said “There is no possession. We [Aryan and Arbaaz] were together but I did not know what he was carrying.” and questioned “What conspiracy? There have to be calls between them. Conspiracy is a meeting of minds. There has to be evidence.”