Seven – Review

Title: Seven

Cast: Havish, Aneesha Ambrose, Poojitha Ponnada, Tridha Chowdhary, Regina Cassandra, Rahaman etc

Music: Chethan Bharadwaj

Story, Screenplay: Ramesh Varma

Cinematography, direction: Nijar Shafi

Introduction: ‘Nuvvila’ and ‘Genius’ fame Havish is trying desperately to prove himself as a hero. This time he came up with a thriller. Let’s see whether he will be saved this time or not.

Story: Three women go to police complaining their husband is absconding. It turns out that Karthik (Havish) is the husband of all the three women and the police lock him up for interrogation. Did Karthik trap these women, what is the motive and what happened in the end forms the story?

Analysis: The story is said to be a thriller may be on paper but not onscreen. One needs high experience and skill to narrate such stories and the director did an awful job. Though the movie starts on an interesting note, the sequences that follow were least convincing. There were not one but many loose ends in the movie and many scenes that raises many questions. An old lady holding a grudge and plotting against the hero doesn’t go well with the audience. Also, the episode where the ladies tried to prove that the hero is in love with them is quite unconvincing. Speaking of the actor’s performance, Havish once again proves that he isn’t cut out for a hero. Anisha Ambrose is okay and a special mention goes to Regina Cassandra and she was under-utilized too. She did well for the role and the artist they have chosen for her in the old age is a sorry excuse for Regina. Music is very poor and it is surprising to know that this is actually the director that composed music for ‘RX100’.

Finally: Least thrilling

Rating: 1/5