Sandeep Reddy To Work With This Tollywood Star After ‘Spirit’

Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga, despite the pending release of “Animal,” has already locked another project featuring Superstar Prabhas titled “Spirit,” expected to kick off around September 2024. Recent buzz surrounds Vanga’s meeting with Allu Arjun and T-Series owner Bhushan Kumar.

While rumors suggested Vanga had narrated a story to Allu Arjun, producer Pranay Reddy Vanga clarified that although they’ve confirmed a project with Bunny, the story remains unconfirmed. “After Sandeep completes Prabhas’s ‘Spirit’ and Allu Arjun wraps his next project post ‘Pushpa 2,’ the plan is for them to collaborate. However, no story has been finalized, and Sandeep hasn’t penned anything yet,” Pranay revealed in a conversation with

Meanwhile, anticipation is high for Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s “Animal” set to release on December 1st, as audiences are eager to witness the director’s impact at the box office. The film’s teasers and trailers have generated immense buzz, projecting a strong opening day collection estimated to easily surpass ₹100 crores gross across all versions in India.