Samantha Akkineni: Bollywood has liberty to make films for particular audience

Telugu star Samantha Akkineni feels Bollywood has the liberty to make films for a particular kind of audience, which is not the case in the South.

“Bollywood has the liberty to make films for a particular kind of audience. They don’t have to appeal to every single person but in the South, we have to make sure that we are catering to every single person in the theatre,” Samantha said while talking about the north-south bilingual divide of Indian cinema.

“It becomes very restrictive but now with OTT, it’s a lot bolder and we’re able to take more risks and hence the films that are coming out now are very global,” added the actress, who will be foraying into the digital medium with the second season of the hit series, The Family Man.

Actor Manoj Bajpayee, who stars in The Family Man, also opened up about the industry, saying: “I’m a huge fan of the South Indian film industry. All of us should make it a habit to go and explore these new cinematic worlds and learn from them. The story telling, the performance and their approach is completely different from how we do it.”

The stars opened up about the industry in an upcoming episode of “Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films”. The show will air on Zee Cafe in India.

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