Rumors Upset The Director

As excitement built up for the movie “Kushi,” a music event organized by the film’s team added to the buzz. However, rumors started swirling about the movie, especially about how much the cast and director Shiva Nirvana were getting paid.

One big rumor was about the payment amounts: reportedly, Vijay was getting Rs. 23 crores, Samantha Rs. 4.5 crores, and Shiva Nirvana Rs. 12 crores.

But Shiva Nirvana quickly addressed these rumors in an interview, saying the reported numbers were not true. He was surprised by the news and even his friends asked him about it. He explained that such rumors can be misleading and cause confusion. He even joked that his own mother was surprised and asked him about the payment.

Shiva Nirvana also shared that he didn’t take any money for writing the songs in the movie. He wrote all the songs in the audio album. While he didn’t say how much he got, people in the industry think it could be around Rs. 5 crores.

“Kushi” is all set to come out on September 1, 2023.