RRR-NTR’s sensational fight with the britishers

The multi starrer movie RRR with Mega Power Star Ram Charan and Young Tiger NTR under the direction of Rajamouli is making everybody insane.

Till now a portion of the main scenes in RRR are out where NTR’s battle with the real tiger, NTR and Ram Charan’s battle in rain, and introduction scenes of NTR and Ram Charan as Komaram Bheem and Alluri Seetha Rama Raju, and highly emotional pre-climax and climax scenes.

Presently another RRR feature is coming out making fans invigorated. As per sources the film has a super charged action scene shot on NTR as Komaram Bheem where he takes on many Britishers sending shudders down the spines of all.

Rajamouli shot this scene at Aluminum Factory, Hyderabad during summer 2019 in the night. This scene will show up in the first portion of RRR. As per sources, Rajamouli has taken cinematic liberty to show Komaram Bheem battling the Britishers however, in actuality, he battled against the outrages and persecutions of Nizam rule.