RGV supports Karan Johar openly

Sushanth Singh Rajput’s death has sent shockwaves in the industry and many are targetting Karan Johar for nepotism and the was he ignores talents like Sushanth Singh Rajput. Since two days, he is being trolled brutally but Karan Johar has not lost his cool.

In all this, RGV is the only person, who is supporting Karan and saying that there is nothing wrong with nepotism. “Bollywood is a hard place because people want to jump to grab stars and higher they jump the harder they are likely to fall. Sushant at least grabbed the moon, but what about umpteen others who dint take off from the ground. Are they supposed to kill themselves blaming the universe?

And for all the sound being made on social media about the super talented guy being sidelined the truth is it’s the people who are watching the other actors more than Sushant and @Karanjohar couldn’t be holding a gun to the audiences head. And if Sushant hung on, then in about 15 or 20 years he would have become an insider when he’s launching his own son and some outsider Prashant would have blamed him like how everyone now is blaming @Karanjohar.”

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