Remembering SV Ranga Rao on his birth anniversary

Samarla Venkata Ranga Rao popularly known as SV Ranga Rao is remembered on his birth anniversary. Born on July 3, 1919, in Nuzvidu, Andhra Pradesh, the actor was known for his immense contribution towards Indian cinema. He enticed the audience with his varied performances on the silver screen and was an actor par excellence.

He started his career as a character actor in Varudhini (1946) and went on to star in films such as Mana Desam, Palletoori Pilla, Devadasu, Raju Peda, Thodi Kodallu and Chenchu Lakshmi among others.

SV Ranga Rao’s popularity was just not limited to Telugu and Tamil Film Industry, but he was also popular among Kollywood audiences.

He won Best Actor Award for his portrayal of Keechaka in Nartanasala at the Third Afro-Asian Film Festival held in Jakarta (1963) and even won Nandi Award for Best Actor for Bandhavyalu in 1968. The method actor who had been featured in over 250 movies had won five Rashtrapati Awards for Best Acting. He is called Viswa Nata Chakravarti, Nata Sarvabhouma, Nata Sekhara, and Nata Simha.

The actor who will always be remembered through his iconic works left everyone heartbroken n July 18, 1974.