Reason Behind The Rift Between The Manchu Brothers

The Manchu family is one of the most respected and influential families in the Telugu film industry. However, Vishnu and Manoj, have been making headlines for their alleged fight in recent times. While Vishnu has been handling the family’s educational institutions for a while, Manoj has never interfered in their business affairs. However, it seems like there is a rift between the brothers, and it has been making headlines for some time now.

According to sources close to the family, the reason for the alleged fight between the brothers is the dispute in property share. The family has a vast empire, and the property distribution among the siblings seems to have caused a rift between the two. It is reported that Manoj is not happy with the share he has received and has been vocal about it. This has caused a rift between the brothers and has led to speculation about the future of the Manchu family empire.

Another reason that has been cited for the alleged fight between the brothers is Manoj’s marriage to Mounika Reddy. Sources suggest that Manoj’s decision to marry outside of the family has not been taken well by some members of the Manchu family, and this has led to a rift between the brothers.

However, the family has been tight-lipped about the issue, and there has been no official confirmation about the alleged fight. According to Mohan Babu’s close aide Chittibabu, the family is trying to resolve the issue amicably, and they hope that the matter will be resolved soon. He also stated that Mohan Babu has always been a family man, and he is doing his best to ensure that the family stays united.