Ravi Teja Does It Again

There’s no doubt that Ravi Teja is one of the biggest crowd pullers and emerged as a star hero by his own. The actor who started his career as an assistant director, later turned actor and adjusted with insignificant and negative roles in early days before becoming a star hero.

However, the biggest complaint about Ravi Teja is he hikes his remuneration frequently and is hell-bent on it. He doesn’t reduce the payment if delivers flops in a row. Even when his films were flops, he demanded higher pay from the producers.

Until the release of the Krack movie, Ravi Teja was charging Rs 14 crore per movie. The actor is now paid between Rs 18 and Rs 20 crore for each movie. Despite delivering two duds earlier this year with Khiladi and Ramarao On Duty he finished 2022 on a high note.

Ravi Teja’s latest release Dhamaka is set to be one of the year’s blockbusters. Ravi Teja’s pay will hike his remuneration now that he has scored another hit. There is speculation in the industry that he may now demand more than Rs 20 crore in the future.

If his next release Waltair Veerayya, in which he appeared as one of the heroes, becomes a hit, he will not hesitate to increase his remuneration once again.