Rana On National Awards Controversy

Rana Daggubati has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the National Awards. After Icon Star Allu Arjun received the Best Actor award at the national level for his performance in “Pushpa: The Rise,” many critics accused the awards committee of favoritism or external influence in their decision-making.

Critics pointed out that performances like Suriya’s in “Jai Bhim” were overlooked, raising questions about how the jury could award Allu Arjun for his portrayal of a smuggler.

Amidst this controversy, Rana Daggubati shared his thoughts with reporters, stating, “Everyone is entitled to their opinion. What one person likes in a film, another may not. The same applies to artists. It’s not about the individual. Many people believed that ‘Jai Bhim’ would win awards, but it didn’t. It’s not about why someone else won it. There’s no real controversy here. Some may have expressed their views on social media, but it’s not a controversy. Not everyone can receive recognition based on merit.”

Allu Arjun’s win marked a historic moment as he became the first actor from Tollywood to win a National Award in approximately 70 years.