Ram Gopal Varma’s next Konda a political biopic

Ram Gopal Varma who is known for his different genre entertainers, of late lost his Midas touch. He is passing time with his controversial comments and posts on social media.

Now, Ram Gopal Varma is coming with a new project titled ‘Konda’. The film is another political biopic and stars Arun Adith and Ira Nor in the roles of Konda Murali and Konda Surekha.

Sharing the details he posted”‘ KONDA film will feature the chilling metamorphosis of radicalism into politics. Konda film will underline the understandable but extreme madness caused by the brutal oppression of the landlords in the 80s and 90s.Konda is a story set in the late 80s and will be a mix of a strong love story set against a dreaded naxal background portrayed by Arun Adith and Irra Mor as Konda Murali and Konda Surekha’