Ram Charan On Nepotism In The Film Industry

Nepotism has been a topic of heated discussion in the Indian film industry for quite some time now, and the issue has even led to an anti-nepotism movement in Bollywood. Recently, Ram Charan was asked about his thoughts on this issue, and his response was quite intriguing.

“I don’t quite understand the narrative about nepotism. You have the discipline and grit, you succeed, else you come crashing down no matter how much padding you have” Charan said.

“I entered the industry as Chiranjeevi’s son. I agree that I had access for that reason. But I was always passionate about films and wanted to become an actor. I worked towards it and that’s how I’ve been sustaining for 14 years. I give my everything for every film.” Charan said.

According to Ram Charan, discipline is crucial for an actor’s success, and even if they possess great acting skills, the lack of discipline can lead to a downfall.

Furthermore, Charan expressed his fascination with biopics and revealed his interest in portraying the life of Indian cricketer Virat Kohli on screen, provided he received an offer.

The RRR actor was forthright in his views on nepotism and did not mince his words.