Rajamouli On Pawan Kalyan

Movie lovers always dream of crazy combinations. One such combination is Rajamouli and Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Power Star Pawan Kalyan enjoys a tremendous craze and even his flop films get a record number of collections on the first day itself. Rajamouli is known for his sensational storytelling. However, for some reason this combination did not happen.

Rajamouli answering a question posed by a fan about Pawan Kalyan and project with him said ‘ I love him a lot and respect him’. He added that sometime back during a film shooting he met Pawan Kalyan. He added that at that time he felt comfortable talking with Pawan Kalyan and expressed his desire to do a film with him and what sort of film he would like to act in.

He said Pawan told him that he was ready for any project but when he sought time for story narration and though he waited for his call, he did not get a call from him. He said later both deviated and while Pawan did mass films and later showed interest in politics, he started doing bigger films.