Rajamouli Doesn’t Like The Awards?

Indian filmmaker SS Rajamouli, along with his family members and heroes NTR, and Ram Charan have been promoting their movie RRR extensively in the West to gain as many awards as they can. The movie has already won some prestigious awards including the Golden Globe award.

Though Rajamouli and his team are making their best efforts to grab the awards for the movie, Rajamouli seems not very much interested in the awards. In a recent interview with a Hollywood publication, Rajamouli said that he makes movies for money. “I make films for money, I make films for the audiences. I don’t make films for critical acclaim. RRR is a commercial film, and once my film commercially does well, I’m very happy. Awards are an extension of it. It is for the hard work that my unit put in and I’m happy about that,” said Rajamouli.

Rajamouli will be teaming up with Mahesh Babu for a Pan world movie which is an adventure thriller and he is in talks with the Hollywood production houses for the collaboration. The movie’s shoot might commence either later this year or early next year.