Prabhas’ Swift Action, Salvaging Adipurush’s Fate

Prabhas’ latest film “Adipurush,” directed by Om Raut, is an adaptation of the Indian mythological epic Ramayana. The movie, which released on Friday, received a poor response from audiences. Controversies surrounded the film due to concerns about its proper adaptation, leading to demands for a ban from various Hindu organizations.

Director Om Raut faced severe criticism and trolling for his work on the film. Despite the negative reception, the makers of “Adipurush” managed to recover their investments before the film’s release by selling the non-theatrical rights at record prices.

Initially, Om Raut had envisioned the film as a two-part project, aligning with the ongoing trend in the industry. However, due to the final runtime and content considerations, he proposed shooting for an additional month to divide the content into two parts. However, Prabhas disagreed with the idea and firmly declined the request.

Prabhas convinced the team that a two-part strategy would not work for “Adipurush.” Consequently, the makers opted to shelve their plans, which proved to be a prudent decision as the first installment of the film failed to resonate with audiences, thereby averting potential financial losses. The film’s underwhelming response has raised questions about its execution and the challenges faced in adapting a revered epic like Ramayana for the big screen.