Prabhas Remuneration for Nag Ashwin film

Prabhas surprised many when he announced that he will be working with Nag Ashwin for a big-budget film that will be produced by Vyjayanthi Movies. The film is a socio fantasy thriller and has Deepika Padukone as the heroine.

Since then, the media started writing that the lead pair of the film are being paid big bucks. We have come to know that Prabhas is being paid a whopping 60 crores for this film as his fee.

Many said that the film is a pan-India film. But the director himself tweeted sometime back “Shoot year-end lo start…maybe 2021 end lo release…too early to say anything else, expect a big thanks to prabhas garu…kontha mandi pan-India film antunnaru…adi tappu…pan-India eppudo kottesaaru…idi pan-world darlings

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