Prabhas Fans Fuming at OmRaut

Prabhas’ upcoming movie, Adipurush, has been the subject of much excitement and anticipation among his fans. The movie, which is based on the epic Ramayana, is being directed by Om Raut and stars Prabhas in the lead role. However, recent reports suggest that the delay in the movie’s release has angered many of Prabhas’ fans.

According to sources, the delay in the release of Adipurush is due to various reasons. However, Prabhas’ fans are not happy with this explanation and have taken to social media to express their disappointment and anger.

The backlash began when the teaser of the movie was released, and many fans criticized the lack of dialogue and action in the clip. Some fans even accused the director of not doing justice to the character of Lord Ram and compromising on the quality of the movie.

The delay in the release of the movie has only added fuel to the fire, and many fans have been criticizing the movie’s director, Om Raut, for not giving enough importance to Prabhas’ fans. Some have even gone as far as to say that they will boycott the movie if it is not released soon.

The anger and frustration of Prabhas’ fans are understandable, as they have been eagerly waiting for the release of the movie for a long time. Prabhas is one of the most popular stars in the Telugu film industry, and his fans have high expectations of his movies.