Prabhas Disappoints His Fans Again

The release of the Adipurush teaser last year generated a lot of negative feedback, so it was expected that the subsequent updates would be of better quality. Fans were eagerly waiting for the Sri Rama Navami update in the past few weeks, but the poster that was released has received a lot of backlash, even from the fans.

The poster, which was released to commemorate Sri Rama Navami, has left many disappointed. Despite the hopes for better quality from the Adipurush team, the poster is similar to the previous ones, with sub-par depictions of Prabhas, Sunny Singh, and Kriti Sanon as Sita.

It is difficult to understand why the team continues to release these types of posters. They should have created new, high-quality promotional content to generate excitement for the film, and also confirm the release date with a new poster or video.

Overall, the Adipurush team needs to focus on creating better promotional materials to build anticipation for the film and to satisfy the expectations of their fans and audience.