Om Raut Responds To Trolls On Adipurush

Om Raut, the director acclaimed for his national award-winning film “Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior.” Recently faced criticism following the release of his latest project, “Adipurush,” starring Prabhas in the role of Lord Ram. Despite the high expectations surrounding the film, it received negative reviews, leading to discontent among certain sections of the Hindu community.

In response to the backlash, Om Raut addressed the negative reviews of “Adipurush.” He emphasized that the film’s box office response holds greater importance, stating, “What matters most is the kind of response the film is receiving at the box office. I’m delighted to share that we have witnessed an unprecedented number of viewers on the film’s opening day at the global box office.”

He further commented, “If I were to claim that I have completely understood the intricacies of the Ramayana, it would be a grave mistake because, in my opinion, no one possesses the capability to comprehend the entirety of the Ramayana.”

Continuing his explanation, Om Raut added, “The portion of the Ramayana that I have grasped and attempted to portray on celluloid is merely a minuscule contribution, akin to that of a squirrel. The Ramayana is so vast that it is beyond the grasp of any individual. Those who claim to fully comprehend the Ramayana are either ignorant or dishonest.”

By acknowledging the magnitude of the Ramayana and humbly accepting his limited interpretation, Om Raut aimed to convey that the epic is a profound and intricate narrative that defies complete comprehension.