NTR’s Advice to Vishwak Sen: To Direct or Not to Direct?

At a recent pre-release event for the film Das Ki Dhamki, NTR made a comment that suggested Vishwak Sen, the lead actor in the film, should stay away from directing. Many in the audience thought it was a lighthearted comment, but rumors have been swirling that Vishwak Sen had approached NTR to direct him in a mass movie and that NTR was not impressed with his direction skills.

According to reports, Vishwak Sen had narrated a script to NTR, but the actor was not convinced of his abilities as a director. He suggested that Vishwak Sen stick to acting instead. However, it seems that Vishwak Sen is not willing to take NTR’s advice.

Despite NTR’s suggestion, there are now rumors that Vishwak Sen is planning to direct Balakrishna instead of NTR. While this is just speculation at this point, it is clear that Vishwak Sen is determined to pursue his passion for directing, even if some people are skeptical of his abilities.

Vishwak Sen’s Das ki Dhamki released today amidst huge hype and the movie has been received mixed reviews.