Northern Wins Push BJP Towards Early Polls

With the recent state elections done, all eyes are now on the upcoming big battle the Lok Sabha elections in India. Set for April, May 2024, there’s talk that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) might opt for early elections instead of waiting for the scheduled time.

The BJP’s inclination towards early elections stems from its recent victories in three northern states. These wins signify that the BJP’s dominance in the northern regions remains strong, while its influence in the southern states like Karnataka and Telangana is comparatively weaker. This difference in strength between the north and south is a crucial factor in BJP’s considerations.

Winning a third consecutive term and making history is a primary goal for the BJP. The party sees the present moment, with the momentum from recent victories, as opportune for leveraging a positive wave in its favor. Another strategic move could be to catch the opposition, particularly the Congress-led INDIA bloc, off-guard by shortening their preparation time. The INDIA bloc, composed of multiple parties from different states, aims to challenge the BJP’s supremacy and is a significant concern for the ruling party.

The BJP’s focus on the north, where it typically secures a higher number of seats compared to its limited presence in the south, plays a pivotal role in its decision-making process. By heading to early elections, the BJP aims to ride the current momentum and minimize the time available for its opposition to organize and counter its efforts.