Niharika All Set To Make Re-entry As A Heroine?

Niharika is all set to make a re-entry as a heroine with a project of her own. Currently, she’s making headlines due to her divorce and is also creating a stir on social media with her glamorous photoshoots.

Niharika is making a hot topic out of this, and it seems like she’s hinting at a comeback in films. Yes, Niharika is gearing up to return as a heroine in a new movie. This movie is expected to revolve around the concept of connectivity and is aimed at the present youth audience.

But why all the fuss about her personal life? Niharika seems to be touching on aspects of her life, including family matters and her decisions, that have often been subjects of curiosity. She’s incorporating these elements into her upcoming film, which is expected to generate a lot of interest.

Recently, she confronted these issues head-on, which are indeed a part of her personal life. She believes that her natural approach will infuse life into this film.

Moreover, there’s a young hero who will be paired with Niharika in this movie, but the director’s identity and other details will be unveiled soon.