Nenu Student Sir Movie Review

Starring: Bellamkonda Ganesh, Avantika Dassani, Samuthirakani, Sunil, Srikanth Iyengar, Auto Ramprasad, Charandeep, Pramodhini, Ravi Sivateja, and others

Director: Rakhi Uppalapati

Producers: ‘Naandhi’ Satish Varma

Music Director: Mahati Swara Sagar

After the success of the family entertainer “Swathimuthyam,” Ganesh Bellamkonda returns with his second film, “Nenu Student Sir!” Directed by Rakhi Uppalapati, the film hit the screens today. Let’s see how it fares.


Subbu (Ganesh Bellamkonda), a college student, dreams of owning an iPhone 12 but lacks the financial means to purchase one. Finally, Subbu manages to buy an iPhone 12 with his hard-earned money. However, fate takes a drastic turn when the same mobile phone embroils him in a murder case, completely disrupting his life. To his surprise, Subbu’s bank account is credited with 1.75 crores. How did Subbu become involved in a murder case? Who deposited such a substantial amount in his account? What hardships does Subbu endure to prove his innocence? The film holds the answers.

Plus Points:

The film’s core story, penned by Krishna Chaitanya, is commendable as it sheds light on the financial scams related to unclaimed accounts. The subject matter is neatly explained towards the end through the character played by Sunil. The movie successfully creates awareness among the audience regarding this financial scam, which is praiseworthy.

Ganesh Bellamkonda delivers a sincere performance as a college student. His portrayal of Subbu stands out as he breaks away from the typical hero mold. His character arc is well-designed and feels natural. He shines particularly in the climax portions of the film.

Sunil, in a brief cameo, impresses with his role. His entry marks the turning point where the film starts to become interesting. The last forty minutes of the movie are presented neatly. Samuthirakani performs his role as expected, and Srikanth Iyengar delivers a decent performance.

Minus Points:

“Nenu Student Sir!” had the potential to be a great thriller if the screenplay had been stronger. Unfortunately, the entire first half is dull, failing to engage the viewers. Additionally, the tedious and lengthy love track becomes annoying.

Some actors suffer from improper lip sync throughout most of the scenes, which affects the overall viewing experience. The second half also starts on a dull note with several unexciting scenes, wasting a significant amount of screen time. However, the film manages to redeem itself in the last forty minutes. With better storytelling, this movie could have been an exciting thriller.

The film requires some serious editing, as around fifteen minutes could have been easily trimmed. The dialogues often prove irritating and some are needlessly repeated. Certain logical aspects also lack consistency, indicating a need for better attention to detail.


Overall, “Nenu Student Sir!” has a promising concept, but its execution falls short. Ganesh Bellamkonda delivers a strong performance, and the movie gains momentum towards the end. However, the rest of the film fails to captivate, resulting in a bland experience. Therefore, “Nenu Student Sir!” can be considered an okay watch for the weekend.