Naresh’s sensational comments on Marriage

Senior actor Naresh hogs the limelight for unwanted reasons. The actor who was married thrice earlier is in the news for quite some time for his alleged relationship with the actress Pavitra Lokesh. There were rumors that they both got married secretly and hasn’t declared the wedding publicly.

Reacting to the rumors of his fourth marriage, Naresh made some sensational comments on wedding system. He said that he doesn’t believe in the concept of marriage as it’s no longer sacred as it used to be. He said that in the earlier generations, only men used to earn and women used to take care of the family. But, now, with the growing financial individuality, both men and women started working which is leading to differences between the couple which eventually resulting in divorces.

The actor also said that even common people are getting divorced and the focus is more on him just because he’s a public figure. He also said that as he’s an actor, his life is associated with the movies and those who understands him will stay with him and who cannot will move away.