Nani leaves it to his producers

Natural Star Nani is flooded with many engrossing projects. Nani is at present occupied with Shyama Singha Roy and Tuck Jagadish. Rumours were going on for quite some time with regards to Tuck Jagdeesh release that it will be streaming on the digital platform and not in the theatres.

Although Nani and the makers at some time made it clear that the movie will be released in the theatres. However, the conjectures are recently growing over Tuck Jagadeesh’s OTT release. Now the reports are coming that the makers are planning to sign a deal with Amazon Prime for the reason that people are reluctant to go to the theatres due to the fear of a covid pandemic.

Because of these situations, Nani by sharing his feelings with a long statement said that he is in a hum and haw over the mode of release of the movie and now it is all up to the producers. He referred to the restriction on theatres in Andhra Pradesh which is leading to a conflict of interests.