Nagarjuna to bring his Son for TRP ratings?

It has to be said that this year’s Bigg Boss season is entertaining the audience a lot compared to previous seasons. Since the show started off with least popular contestants it failed to earn ratings. Slowly the show started getting its rating when the management started inviting popular people as the guests to the show and trying to attract the audience. They’ve also invited Samantha to host for a weekend episode which went on to become the most entertaining episode of the show. 

All records were broken Last Week with Anchor Suma’s entry, the entire episode of the show turned into a laughter riot. It seems that Nagarjuna is also going to bring his son into the field. It was against this backdrop that he made a bit of a fuss with Anchor Suma last week and got everyone’s eyes on Bigg Boss once again. 

Nagarjuna thought that it would be very beneficial to continue the same this week too. He was planning to bring his son Nag Chaitanya as a guest. Bigg Boss management also gave the green signal thinking that this plan would be a workout. 

On the other hand, Naga Chaitanya is also reportedly ready to promote his new movie ‘Love Story’ on Bigg Boss platform. So, let’s see Where will the father son duo, Nagarjuna & Naga Chaitanya’s noise take the Bigg Boss show this weekend.