Nagarjuna In Naga Chaitanya’s Movie?

Naga Chaitanya is the only actor from Akkineni family who is doing movies continuously irrespective of their result. After the debacle of “Custody”, Naga Chaitanya is currently acting in Chandoo Mondeti’s movie and he will be playing a fisherman in the movie and the movie will have a unique concept which is gaining attention.

This film, set in the backdrop of the coastal region of North Andhra, has already gathered significant attention due to its distinctive storyline. Director Chandoo Mondeti is striving to present this movie in a natural way, drawing inspiration from real-life incidents and experiences. Interestingly, the film not only stars Naga Chaitanya but also features Nagarjuna in a pivotal role, though not in a full-length role but rather in an impactful guest role.

Furthermore, Chandoo Mondeti mentioned that Nagarjuna’s guest role is vital to the story and will be crucial in engaging Akkineni fans. The film is intended to evoke emotions and deeply resonate with the audience. Notably, Naga Chaitanya and Nagarjuna previously shared the screen in the movie “Manam,” a project that is highly significant to the Akkineni family, as it is considered a lifelong successful film.