Nagababu Calls Ram Gopal Varma a Cheap Dog

Megastar Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan’s brother Nagababu have always been the firebrand for the mega family. He took a dig at those who belittled his brothers and family members. He has slowly become the most vocal leader of the Jana Sena party and doesn’t hold back any words who foul mouth Pawan Kalyan and his party.

Reacting to RGV’s recent comment where he said Pawan sold the Kapu community to Chandrababu by joining hands with the TDP chief, Nagababu blasted Ram Gopal Varma.

“This RGV is a useless scoundrel. He is a Neech Kameen Kuthe. What does he mean we sold the kapu community? How can anyone sell their community? Does he think the public are fools?” Nagababu said.

Adding further, the JanaSena leader said “Kapu community acts upon their will. They pick whomever they deem fit. They picked Sr NTR, Chandrababu, YSR, and now this scrap batch that is in power”.

About RGV calling Pawan a package star, Nagababu said “this RGV is a senseless idiot. What reason does Pawan have to take a package? He gets crores of remuneration while acting in films. What is the need for him to take packages? Idiots like RGV are the ones who’re taking packages from YCP to badmouth us.”