Climax Movie Review

Rating: 1/5

Cast: Mia Malkova, Renon Severo and others

Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Music: Ravi Shankar
Cinematography: Agasthya Manju
Banner: A Company/RSR Productions

Behind The Screens

Ram Gopal Varma during the lockdown surprised all by coming with a thriller named Climax with Mia Malkova with whom he earlier came with God SEX & TRUTH. Let us see what impact it created on movie lovers.


Two young couple (Mia Malkova, Renon Savaro) go on a desert safari to enjoy life completely. They throw caution to winds after entering the desert and break all rules. They enter a no-entry zone despite the caution board and experiences numerous shocks in the form of odd behaving human beings. To find out the secret behind Climax and unravel its mystery, watch Climax on OTT.

Stars Sparkles

Mia Malkova carried the Climax on her glamor and red hot looks. She shed all inhibitions and indulged in never seen before beauty treat. She also featured in nude scenes to give movie lovers value for money. However, those who watched Mia Malkova in GST and expected more from Climax would be disappointed.

Renan Sevaro just supported Mia Malkova. He got only two dialogues ‘ What’s happening’ and ‘ I don’t know’. However, he showed his power in romancing Mia Malkova to the maximum extent.

Other actors are unknown and they just passed through the motions.

Director’s Special

Ram Gopal Varma starts the narration with a caption ‘ we cannot explain unnatural things but if we can explain then it is not an unnatural thing’. Expectations increase with this caption.

Ram Gopal Varma shows Mia Malkova and her boyfriend entering a desert and taking the risk of ignoring the caution and entering the no-entry zone. He tried to scare viewers showing unnatural things and odd behaving people.

RGV who boasted that he filmed the horror story in full daylight, unlike other directors who chose to scare people with night shoots, stood by his word. However, RGV claims that he would scare people with horror elements that failed completely in his attempts.

He came with the same monotonous and boring stuff,this time on OTT. One gets a feeling that RGV recreated his earlier films Deyyam and Ratri in broad daylight.

Movie lovers will be disappointed if they expect more from Mia Malkova. Every time she is about to indulge in beauty treat, RGV cuts short with violent scenes. People who have been waiting eagerly for the theatrical releases and who get tempted to watch Climax on OTT would be extremely disappointed.

RGV failed with his story, screenplay, and direction. He concentrated on highlighting Mia Malkova’s hot looks and did not come with any story. He used Malkova’s beauty to the maximum and with no censor board, he crossed all limits and erased the thin redline. He once again proved that he is good at the trailer and teaser cuts and longtime back lost his sheen as a director.

Technical Takes

Ravi Shankar’s background score is good. He elevated the scenes with his background music. However, at times, he reminded of his previous film Nagarjuna’s Officer. The cinematography of Agasthya Manju is average. He as per RGv’s instructions concentrated on elevating Mia Malkova’s beauty and glamor to the maximum. Editing could have been better as there are many drags and repetitive scenes in the film. RGV lost his sheen and it is better he takes a refresher course in story, screenplay, and direction. Production values are good.

Viewers Verdict

Climax turns out to be Anti Climax

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