More Vulgarity Dose In Rana Naidu 2?

The web series “Rana Naidu,” starring Victory Venkatesh and Rana Daggubati, stirred up quite a buzz when it was released. The content showcased in this series leans toward vulgarity, particularly in a section appreciated by lovers of explicit language.

Despite criticisms, “Rana Naidu” made its way to the audience with favorable reviews under the tag of “Disaster” from some, while others labeled it as “Superb Views.” While there wasn’t significant criticism directed towards Rana Daggubati, Venkatesh faced severe trolling.

However, Venkatesh’s support of the explicit content within it is notable. He commented recently on “Rana Naidu,” saying, “Some kids might not understand, but it’s a caution for adults who are encouraging the young audience.” Venkatesh’s remark about there possibly being a second part to “Rana Naidu” is noteworthy. This indicates we might witness even more explicit content in the sequel.

There isn’t any rule that web series should be derogatory. Many web series come with clean content. Why Venkatesh is ignoring this subject is unknown. Additionally, there’s news about another web series ‘Dhoota’ streaming soon, starring Venkatesh’s nephew, Naga Chaitanya.