Mansoor Ali Khan Files Defamation Case On Trisha

Amidst the perception that Tamil actor Mansoor Ali Khan’s apology for his remarks about Trisha had quelled the controversy, the actor has resurfaced, taking a different stance. He’s now intending to pursue legal action in the form of a defamation case.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the prior turn of events, Mansoor Ali Khan revealed his preparedness to file a defamation lawsuit against Trisha, Chiranjeevi, and Khushboo. He labeled his earlier apology as ‘the biggest joke,’ indicating a change in his position since then.

The controversy stemmed from Mansoor’s initial sexist comments directed at Trisha, where he expressed eagerness to work with her in a film but alleged he was denied villainous roles enabling scenes of rape, specifically citing an instance with the movie ‘LEO.’

Trisha had responded to his previous apology with a tweet stating, ‘To err is human, to forgive is divine.’ However, Mansoor’s renewed intent to take legal action has reignited the issue, drawing condemnation from Trisha and various figures within the industry.