Manchu Vishnu Planning For a Multiverse Movie

It’s been a while since Manchu Vishnu scored a super hit. After Eedorakam and Aadorakam, Manchu Vishnu hasn’t scored a hit. His recent outing Ginna which has Sunny Leone and Paayal Rajput as the female leads failed to leave any impact at the box office and ended as an average grosser.

The actor-cum-producer seems to be in plans to come up with a multiverse movie like the Marvel movies in Hollywood. As per the sources, he is set to announce a movie that is set in the 1940s era of Adolf Hitler and the current time period.

It’s not sure whether Vishnu will be acting in the movie or just producing it. An official announcement about this impending project will likely be announced in a month or two. Vishnu’s brother Manchu Manoj who was away from movies for a long time has recently announced his new movie WTF which will begin rolling soon.