Manchu Lakshmi’s Daughter Met With An Accident

Manchu Lakshmi’s daughter, Vidya Nirvana, has reportedly been involved in an accident and sustained injuries. This news comes at a time when the Manchu family has been in the spotlight for various controversial incidents.

Recently, videos of Manchu Manoj and Manchu Vishnu’s fight went viral, and Mohan Babu and Manchu Lakshmi attempted to downplay the altercation. It has now emerged that Vidya Nirvana was injured on Mohan Babu’s birthday, although news of the incident has only just surfaced.

At a party thrown by Manchu Lakshmi for her brother Manchu Manoj, who recently tied the knot with Mounika Reddy, Vidya Nirvana was seen with a bandage on her body. It is believed that the injury occurred while Vidya was travelling in a buggy with other children, which lost control and hit a tree. Although Manchu Lakshmi managed to escape before the accident, the children, including Vidya Nirvana, were injured.

Manchu Lakshmi expressed regret at having allowed Vidya to travel in the buggy and blamed herself for the incident.