Mamta Mohan Das Blasts at Nayanatara

Ego clashes are not uncommon in the glamour world, especially among actors and actresses. However, it becomes a matter of concern when these clashes start affecting other individuals on set. A recent incident involving Mamta Mohandas and Nayanthara is a case in point.

Here’s one such instance involving Mamta Mohandas and Nayanthara that affected the former.

“I was previously approached by the makers of a Rajinikanth starrer to feature in a song in the film. I shot four days for it. I instantly understood something wasn’t right and I wouldn’t have a noticeable presence in the song. As expected, I didn’t have a single shot in the song in the final cut “ Mamta revealed.

The actress added that she later learned that Nayanthara is the reason why she wasn’t in the song.

“I later came to know that Nayanthara warned the makers she wouldn’t come on the sets if there’s another actress there. That’s why I was sidelined in the song. It was a painful experience. I unnecessarily wasted four days” Mamta said.