Mahesh Babu snatched the movie from Uday Kiran?

Uday Kiran was a rage during the early 2000s. With a series of blockbusters to his credit, Uday Kiran has become a youth icon and he was flooded with offers. He along with Tarun were at their peak in the early 2000s and their stardom was way ahead of Mahesh Babu.

There were instances when Mahesh Babu’s movies couldn’t catch up with the movies of Uday Kiran and Tarun. However, both Uday Kiran and Tarun’s stardom declined in short time. As per the sources, director Trivikram Srinivas who made his directorial debut with Tarun’s Nuvve Nuvve wanted to cast Uday Kiran in next movie Athadu.

Producer Murali Mohan and director Trivikram has narrated the script to Uday Kiran and he gave an immediate nod, but, due to some unsaid circumstances Mahesh Babu was roped in and Uday Kiran missed the opportunity. It was revealed by the movie’s producer Murali Mohan in his recent interview.