Mahesh Babu praises Sridevi Soda Centre

Super Star Mahesh Babu’s brother-in-law Sudheer Babu’s most recent movie Sridevi Soda Center under the direction of Karuna Kumar of Palasa 78 popularity hit the screens yesterday. The film got blended reviews and many felt with the exception of the stunning climax, it offered the same old thing.

Meanwhile, in all honesty, Mahesh Babu watched the film and conveyed his decision. Sudheer Babu shared the snap of Mahesh Babu watching Sridevi Soda Center and posted ‘Mahesh watching, keeping fingers crossed.’

In the wake of watching the film, Mahesh Babu showered compliments on the movie makers and Sudheer Babu’s execution. Mahesh posted “Sridevi Soda Center is a raw and intense film with a hard-hitting climax. Director Karuna Kumar comes up with yet another bold film after Palasa 1978. Sudheer Babu is absolutely brilliant!!! His finest performance till date”. Sridevi Soda Center featured Anandi, Pavel Navageethan, Naresh in significant roles with Manisharma scoring the music.