Mahesh Babu Loses His Credibility

Celebrities often express their support for their friends’ films upon their release, typically sending well wishes to the makers or cast members. While it is uncommon for top heroes to post reviews of unreleased films, Mahesh Babu deviated from this norm by doing so for “Mem Famous,” a low-budget film featuring newcomers.

Being produced by Chai Bisket, a production company that also manages Mahesh Babu’s social media handles, a note was posted on his behalf stating that he had watched the film and found it brilliant. However, the subsequent reviews for the film were largely negative, and word-of-mouth was discouraging.

This incident highlighted that Mahesh Babu’s tweets are not infallible, and his supporters have since urged him to refrain from such promotions to prevent potential damage to his reputation. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that the film greatly benefited from his endorsement, as it grossed over Rs 1 crore on the first day, a significant amount for a low-budget film.

Amidst this controversy, there is speculation that the sudden attention and buzz surrounding “SSMB28 Title Glimpse” is a deliberate strategy to divert attention from the “Mem Famous” fiasco. By shifting the focus to “SSMB28 Title Glimpse,” Mahesh Babu has effectively engaged his fans and redirected the spotlight, drawing attention away from the earlier controversy surrounding “Mem Famous.”