Mahesh And Trivikram Repeated The Same Mistake Again

The announcement of Guntur Kaaram generated immense excitement among film lovers. Anticipating a successful reunion of the Trivikram and Mahesh Babu duo, renowned for their previous collaborations in Athadu and Khaleja. Although the earlier films may not have been massive blockbusters, they hold a special place in the hearts of film enthusiasts. Guntur Kaaram raised expectations for the duo to finally deliver the blockbuster fans had been anticipating.

Similar to Khaleja, Guntur Kaaram failed to live up to the heightened expectations. Despite Mahesh Babu’s star power, the film stands as a missed opportunity in the collaboration between Trivikram and Mahesh.

Both Khaleja and Guntur Kaaram faced prolonged shoots, numerous script changes, and on-set delays due to last-minute cast and crew alterations. While the shooting days were limited, the films spent an extended time in production.

Energetic characterizations for the hero were common in both movies, reminiscent of Athadu, but they lacked the intensity of serious fight sequences. The build-up scenes for the fights were not convincingly established in Khaleja and Guntur Kaaram, and the inclusion of comedy in all fight scenes may have detracted from the overall impact.

In terms of promotions, both Khaleja and Guntur Kaaram made similar mistakes. The promotional content differed from the actual film, proving costly for both projects.

Trivikram’s storytelling had promising plots in both cases, but the execution left something to be desired, resulting in films that fell short of their potential. The hero characterizations played a pivotal role in salvaging these movies. While Khaleja faced box office failure, Guntur Kaaram achieved better revenues, settling for an average to above-average performance.

The observation arises that had Trivikram and Mahesh Babu adhered to a more serious screenplay, both Khaleja and Guntur Kaaram could have achieved blockbuster status.