Madhura Wines Review

Rating: 2/5

Cast: Sunny Naveen, Seema Chowdhary, Sammohit Tumuluri, Allu Ramesh, Harish Roshan, Leela Venkatesh

Director: Jaya Kishore B

Cinematography: Mohan Chary

Editing: Vara Prasad

Music: Jay Krish, Karthik Rodriguez

Producers: Rajesh Kodepu, Srujan Yarabolu

Banner: RK Cine Talkies, S.Originals

Jaya Kishore’s Madhura Wines attracted the attention of viewers due to its title. The film hit the screens today and here is the review.

Ajay (Sunny Naveen) after suffering a breakup with Madhura gets attracted to Anjali (Seema Chowdhary) and her brother Anand Rao (Sammohit ) opposes their relationship completely as he doesn’t like her life spoiled by a drunkard. What happens next from Madhura Wines story.

Sunny Naveen, Seema Chowdhary, and Sammohit came with decent performances. Dialogues are good. Director however failed to increase interest as the story lacked the twists and turns. The story, screenplay, and direction turned out to be dull. Jay Krish and Rodriguez’s music is good and BGM elevated some of the scenes. The cinematography of Mohan Chary failed to make an impression. Vara Prasad’s editing could have been far better. Production values are ok. Director should have come with few more twists and turns to get better results. The slow pace in the film affected the result.