MAA Controversy: Prakash Raj’s Panel Resigns

Controversies are continuing in MAA even after the elections are completed. After Naga Babu, Prakash Raj who lost against Manchu Vishnu resigned. Prakash Raj came out with a tweet ‘ Hi my dear MAA members who stood by us .. There is a deeper meaning behind my resignation to MAA. We as a team know we are responsible towards the love n support you all have extended to us. We will NEVER let you all down ..will explain very soon. you will be proud of us’

Following that, he along with his panel members addressed a press meet. Prakash Raj along with his members in his resignation said “Manchu Vishnu revealed that he will bring everyone together for the welfare of the MAA. But, he said the General Secretary and Treasurer are from his panel. He also made some comments that no one can stop them and I was hurt by such comments,”

He added “After giving a lot of thought, our panel members decided to submit our resignations to the president Manchu Vishnu. We will observe his performance from the outside. He can work with his panel members. If Manchu Vishnu fails to fulfill the promises he made, we will question him. We will not create any disturbances to him but we will not tolerate if he fails to work towards the promises he made.” said Prakash Raj, adding, “Vishnu garu, I hope you accept our resignation.”

He then said “If Vishnu does not change the bylaws, I will continue with the association. Manchu Vishnu should not change the rule that a non-Telugu-speaking person can contest in the future MAA elections. I am waiting for Vishnu’s response on this aspect,” Prakash Raj and his panel members alleged cross voting during MAA elections and wide spread violence instigated by Manchu Vishnu. His panel members said only Manchu Manoj tried to cool the tempers.