Last year’s Blockbuster Gearing Up For The Sequel

Last year saw two of the biggest blockbusters from the Kannada film industry. One is KGF 2 and the other is Kantara. The movie which was released amidst no hype with unfamiliar actors emerged as a huge sensational success at the box office.

Directed and acted by Rishab Shetty, the supernatural thriller has won praise from everyone. As per the sources, the team is in plans to come up with the second part. However, the movie would be a prequel to Kantara. Rishab Shetty and his team are scouting the locations in Karnataka and the movie might start rolling in June this year and will have a theatrical release in the summer of next year.

The cast and crew will be finalized after the script is locked. Made on a budget of Rs 16 crores, Kantara collected over 400 crores in its full run worldwide.