Kushi Movie Review

Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha’s romantic entertainer “Kushi” which was supposed to hit the theaters in last December was delayed due to Samantha’s health issues. The movie has garnered positive buzz because of the music and it finally hit the screens. Let’s see what’s the movie is all about.


Viplav (Vijay Deverakonda) is the son of atheist Lenin Satyam (Sachin Khedekar). He works for BSNL and is sent to Kashmir for work. There, he meets Aara (Samantha), who, along with her friend, tricks Viplav into thinking they are Muslims. However, Aara is actually a Brahmin and comes from a religious family. The story revolves around the conflicts that arise between the two main characters, as well as the clash between Viplav’s atheist family and Aara’s religious family.


“Kushi” dives into its main storyline swiftly after introducing the lead character. Viplav’s journey to Kashmir offers beautiful visuals and soothing songs that keep the audience engaged. The entertaining scenes and humorous moments add to the movie’s smooth flow. The budding romance between Viplav and Aara is established, and the chemistry between Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha shines, making them appear like a genuine couple on screen.

The film boasts a strong ensemble cast, including Murali Sharma, Sachin, Saranya, Lakshmi, Vennela Kishore, Rohini, Jayaram, and others, who all deliver commendable performances. While the second half has some minor slow moments, it compensates with a satisfying climax. The cinematography by Murali G captures the beauty of Kashmir and Kerala exceptionally well. The music and background score by Hesham Abdul Wahab enhance the movie’s overall experience.


Consistent Entertainment

Remarkable Chemistry between Vijay and Samantha

Engaging Songs and Cinematography

Skillful Blend of Family Elements

Fresh Take on a Familiar Story

High Production Values


Pacing Slows Down in Pre-Climax

Some Comedy Falls Flat

Dialogues Could Be More Impactful

The Kerala Episode Lacks Appeal


“Kushi” is a delightful and sophisticated family film, a rarity in Telugu cinema. With a straightforward narrative and a unique backdrop, director Shiva Nirvana crafts a compelling story. The performances by Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha are top-notch, and the emotional climax effectively overcomes the movie’s minor flaws. The film is accompanied by superb songs and visuals, making it a worthy watch. Don’t miss it!