KTR’s Strategic Move: Healing Political Rifts Ahead Of Elections

A few days ago, KTR found himself in a contentious situation due to his remarks regarding the protest over Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest in Telangana. He asserted that this issue was exclusively related to Andhra Pradesh, implying that people should not protest in Telangana.

However, his stance sparked a backlash, as it’s customary for people to voice their dissent when a prominent leader like CBN faces arrest, transcending geographical boundaries. Recognizing the need for damage control, KTR has now begun taking steps to appease TDP supporters.

In this regard, he heaped praise upon Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (NTR), describing him as a godly figure for Telugu people. He emphasized that NTR is considered a representation of divine figures like Lord Ram and Krishna, expressing deep reverence for the legacy NTR left behind. KTR’s oratory skills were on full display as he extolled NTR, clearly aiming to mend fences with the TDP faithful whom he had previously upset with his comments on CBN’s arrest.

With the impending Telangana elections just a few months away, tampering with the settlers’ vote bank would be an unwise move. KTR seems to have learned from his earlier misstep and is now astutely working to rectify it, understanding the importance of maintaining political goodwill in this crucial period.