Kiran Abbavaram Learning From His Mistake

The young and talented Kiran Abbavaram who shot to fame with SR Kalyana Mandapam has been releasing movies in short gaps just like Aadi Sai Kumar. However, success has been eluding him for a long time. His recent release Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha has been getting mixed reviews.

Though the movie team is boasting it as a super hit movie, the movie is still yet to earn profits. There’s an inside talk that Kiran Abbavaram’s unnecessary involvement in the direction is leading to the failures of his movies.

The hero is not happy with the result of his latest movie and has been complaining that he has become a soft target for someone who is trying to ruin his career. The hero is even unable to handle the trolls and blasting at them. He should learn to deal with all the pressures and ups and downs in the industry to stay for a long time.